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Kaylee Frye
09 August 2020 @ 10:44 am
Don't make me turn this Firefly around--

[anon enabled // ip logging off // comments screened]
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Kaylee Frye
09 August 2015 @ 10:58 am
Hey, it's Kaylee! Can't reach the guide at the moment, but leave your wave'n I get you back.


[video, voice, and text enabled]
Kaylee Frye
17 October 2011 @ 03:59 pm
[The feed starts off in Serenity's cargo bay- or what Serenity's cargo bay would look like if there were blankets and sheets hanging everywhere, with piles of pillows and cushions and even some mattresses propped up all over the place alongside boxes. Basically: a really awesome pillow fort.]

[Kaylee makes a trumpeting noise from where she's holding the camera]

Attention, people of the Thor! Lady River Magnifica Tam the First, Queen of the tent nation of Pillowtopia, is about to make a royal announcement!

[River is sitting in a nest of the fanciest sheets in all the land (so, Inara's) with a tea party laid out in front of her- as well as a few suspiciously empty-looking bottles of wine. She giggles before adopting a surprisingly regal-sounding voice.]

We're opening our borders to visitors in exchange for royal tribute!

[And Kaylee leans into view to clarify:]

Means we're outta blankets.

There aren't nearly enough on the ship right now, even with Inara's extra ones.

So if you wanna stop in, grab some to lend a hand and head down to Serenity! We'll be at it a while.

[...so yeah WHO WANTS IN ON A GIANT PILLOW FORT idek guys feel free to action it up and threadjack and whatever ALSO Kaylee and River.]
Kaylee Frye
03 June 2011 @ 01:09 pm

☼ One Firefly class 03-K64 midbulk transport with standard medship modifications Serenity, heavily repaired
☼ Two standard Firefly class 03-K64 shuttles with illegal medship markings, heavily damaged and non functional
☼ One ridiculously poofy cupcake dress
☼ One mask

☼ One collection of pressed flowers
☼ One floppy puppy toy
☼ One stocking with her name on it
☼ A few cards
☼ One gift certificate to Lo's Steakhouse
☼ One set of embroidered grease rags, used sparingly (because they're nice and she doesn't want to ruin them :<)
☼ One bento box, used frequently
☼ One set of LED lingerie and dildo combination
☼ One model spaceship in a bottle, half completed
☼ One giant stuffed animal of undetermined shape
Kaylee Frye
09 August 2010 @ 11:04 am

Name: Corinne
Are you over 16?: Yep
Personal LJ: corintendo  nnnnot that I ever use it
Email: annyuix3 at hotmail dot com
Timezone: EST
Other contact: AIM: corinneization, MSN is the same as the email address
Characters already in the game: Bruce Wayne
How did you find us?: B|

[在游戏中] ICCollapse )